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Phonologies is a provider of contact center technologies and cloud based platforms to 'voice enable' business processes.Their technology is the foundation to deliver applications such as, mobile customer care, web telephony, collaboration, unified communications, speech IVR and other types of applications within the social media, contact center and other enterprise domains.


Time Period
20 August 2012 - 8 March 2013

Worked On

HybridGDML : HybriGDML consists of GUI tool that generates GDML file and an interpreter which on Android interprets GDML to produce dynamic screens. The Hybrid interpreter on Android is made in such a manner that each screen Tag of the GDML is mapped to an activity thus making the application's to perform faster. The GUI tool also allows users to write conditions in order to control the behavior of the screen controls

SmartM Care allows you to rapidly create your mobile applications, link them to your backend systems, CRM and contact center via an intuitive XML based application development architecture that focuses on your needs. Deploy a single "always" up-to-date self-service mobile application and let SmartM Care takes care of cross-platform compatibility requirements
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  • Product Based Company
  • Have offices in Mumbai,Hyderabad and extending
  • Learning opportunities in SIP, Mobile Apps, Web Dev
  • Innovative and Friendly Environment
  • Extremely talented Employers and a dynamic CEO

  • Location of office
  • Salary Payment System, not  transparent

Its a wonderful company and one can surely join Phonologies