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BDI Systems & Technologies

BDI Systems is a high end technology start-up in ‘Products and Services’ space with an intent to solve potential customer’s issues, reduce their operating costs, give clearer picture of their business performance and increase their reach to their (potential) customers.

They work in Big Data, Sap Services, Business Analytics and Game Development


Time Period
18 March 2013 - Current

Working On
Mobile Applications & Game Development

Maya - The Magical : Maya - The magical is a popular game which had 1,00000+ in less then 3 weeks. The game is available for Android & IPad.Re-live the magic, the mystery, and the illusion of the battles between the gods and the demons. What is seen may not be the reality, and what is the reality may not be seen. The "gods" are represented by "Hanuman", who is attacked by thousands of "asuras" (demons). Each asur can be killed by a unique weapon. They possess magical powers, can appear anywhere, can come invisible ...

The gods in the heavens help Hanuman by dropping magical flowers that give life-energy and weapons which give points that can be used to buy new weapons.However, you need to watch out for the fake flowers dropped by demonic forces, which would explode and end the game.

Check out MAYA - The Magical on iPad -
Check out MAYA - The Magical on Android Store -

  • Product Based Company
  • Have offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore and extending
  • Learning opportunities in SAP, BI, Game Development, Mobile Applications
  • Innovative and Friendly Environment
  • Freedom of work
  • Extremely talented Employers and a dynamic CEO

  •    Will update soon

Its a wonderful company and one can surely join BDISYS