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Internship program III

This is a 6 months internship program, aimed to enhance the branch related knowledge. Currently I have been assigned the position of Mobile Application Developer(Intern) at Sevya MM Pvt. Ltd., Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Below are apps on blackberry and android which I have completed till date

Vlsi Conference 2012(Blackberry)

My first blackberry app. under the Guidance of Mr. Kumar Raja(Sevya It. Pvt. Ltd.). The application has been made with the ideas of Json Data Parse, Sqlite database, UI elements and Invoking other applications.

The app. lets user to schedule conference, tutorials,gives all the details about the vlsi conference 2012 and also provides users mailing feature

The app on completion will consist of better navigation and additional features

Asset Management Information System(AIMS) Android

A client side android app. made with the objective to provide Users of Vishakhapatnam Port, complete information related to all the vehicles being Operated (Tugs, Locos, Cranes).

This app. consists of simple controls such as Date Picker Dialog, Tab controls, Selectable buttons(button graphics changes on state changes of the button), Spinnner, Edit text, custom lists and adapters

The app. is completed by me under the guidance of M.r. Kumar Raja Donthamsetti(Employee at Sevya MM Pvt. Ltd.)

This Video contains some data which cannot be disclosed outside the premises of Sevya.

Hocus Focus

The game is inspired by a popular Tele kids NewsPaper game "Hocus Focus". Game is focused in improving the memory and image recognition capabilities of brain.

The objective of the game is to find out the dissimilarities between very similar images.
This game uses Grid view, View Switcher, Media Player and Image View.

Visit Google Play to get the App for Android 2.1 & Above

I have also made a User Guide for already existing Sevya's product, AIMS (web application) made using dot net. Though it was a boring task I managed to complete it within the time period assigned. Below link will provide you the User Guide and might help you, if you are preparing one

In my upcoming months(May - June 2012), I will be focusing on
  • Game Development Android(Open GLES)                               //      Partially done
  • J2ME                                                                                   //      Partially done
  • Push Services                                                                      //       Almost done
  • SQLite Database Automatic Synchronization                          //       Done
  • J2EE(Web Services)                                                            //        Not Done
  • Wep Apps Android(using Html5,CSS & Java Script)               //        Almost Done

Find My complete Internship Report in the below link

Find the Presentation/Slides for the above report in the below link